Hoodies for Dogs

One thing that I love about sewing is that it gives me the ability to make projects on a whim and come out with something fun, creative, and sometimes unexpected. Ellie & Mac’s Hoddie Dog Sweater is one of those patterns – as soon as I saw it, I knew my dog had to have a hoodie… because dogs in clothes are adorable!

Just like a human, there are several measurements that you need to take in order to get the best fit. Thankfully, Jimmy was very cooperative so taking them wasn’t too bad. According to size chart, he was a medium, which is about what I would have expected him to be, but expected that the end result would need some tweeking in the end. I was rather surprised that the only future modification that I will really need is shortening the body some. In hindsight, I should have already done this because I knew how long he was (from taking measurements), but I was so excited to finish this and try it on, I never thought about it.

Putting this together was very easy as the instructions are pretty good… Except… the pocket markings are wrong on the pattern (it’s sized for the pocket piece that hasn’t been “finished”) and I thought that the placket instructions could have used a bit more direction. Otherwise this came together without a hitch and I love the end result.

3 thoughts on “Hoodies for Dogs

  1. Mary Deeter

    So cute Stacy! I have 3 cup out to stitch up for my friend’s new JRT puppy. I’m starting with XS for her first hoodies, but I’m sure we’ll be sizing up as she grows. I like that the pattern has a wide size range . Great choice of fabric!

  2. Rhonda

    I’m making 1 for Berkley out of a red/black buffalo plaid fleece.
    Jimmy looks adorable!
    Just a question; how much does Jimmy weigh?

    1. Rhonda

      Thx Stacy. I thought that he and Berkley might be about the same size. The length will be good for Berkley as he has such a long body.

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