Hoodie Dog Sweater

Before I start my next big project, I thought that I would cross a few projects off my list and make a few fun ones in between. First up: Ellie & Mac’s Hoodie Dog Sweater.

When I saw this pattern, I couldn’t resist grabbing it for Jimmy. Not only is is adorable, but he has very little fur on his underside, so when we’ve had very cold days, he just snuggles inside. This hoodie sweater should be a fun solution. But first…. measuring. I’m guessing he may not be the most cooperative with this (I’ll arm myself with treats), but I’m hoping that I’ll get close enough to guestimate what size he’ll need.

As for the fabric, I’ve decided on using a cotton interlock for starters. I had a fun print that’s been in my stash for ages – it’s not large enough for a lot of projects, but should be plenty for a pint sized hoodie!