No Show

It seems like after the new year, I go thought an underwear sewing spurt. Seeing that no show underwear are my current favorite, I decided to give Greenstyle Creations No Show Brief pattern a try, while I was at it, I decided to order some of the Mist fabric that she offered since I really didn’t have any material on hand that would work and I was interested in seeing what their recommended fabric were like.

First, let’s talk the fabric. I’m not sure that I’m a fan. It is very soft, super stretchy, and very comfortable to wear, but it curls like crazy. It was not fun to work with… in fact, I may have enjoyed this project more if I hadn’t used it.

Now, let’s talk the pattern. For me the sizing was spot on. I did make the low rise, which seemed way too low for me. I wound up adding a bit of stretch lace on the top (partly because of the fabric curling, but also to add a bit of height) which seems to put it in a more comfortable spot for me. I think if I make more in the future I’ll cut somewhere in between the low and mid rise to see what I get. The pieces went together well, but make sure that you read the instructions closely – I didn’t and wound up having to rework the crotch lining. All in all, this was a pretty easy little pattern to put together, but I’m going to go back to the drawing board with the fabric before I try this again.

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    1. stacy Post author

      The mist is very thin (almost sheer) so it tends to roll. I was thinking of using a lightweight (but beefier than the mist) RPL (rayon polyspandex) type blend to see what happens. I’m thinking this type of fabric would still work well (it doesn’t ravel, usually has 4 way stretch, etc.), but would “behave” a bit better.

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