Super Plush Camo Hoodie

In an effort to keep Easton warm when he refuses to wear a winter coat, I opted to make him a hoodie out of a thicker material: Super Plush. And folks, it is thick. Not so horrible that it’s terrible to work with, but my machines didn’t particularly like it either. I could have definitely messed with the tensions a bit more to get a bit better stitch quality, but overall, it looks pretty good.

I also opted to use a new pattern: Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Classic Adult Sweatshirt. I wound up making this one in an XS and was a bit concerned that it might be too big… but it actually fits him perfectly. In fact, I could even squeeze into this size, although it looks more fitted that what was intended. My only complaint is that it could stand a bit more length – his ready to wear hoodies seem to be just a big longer, but that’s easily remedied if I make more in the future.

As for the fabric, it’s definitely warmer than most French Terry that you can buy, but I didn’t particularly enjoy working with this material, either. I probably won’t buy more unless a particular print catches my eye or one of us is needing a heavier weight jacket\hoodie. I have a bit more of this fabric left over – not enough to really make anything significant with…. although this hoodie for dogs did catch my attention (and I think Easton would think it was fun to match).