Galaxie 3, #3

After sewing up a large Supernova Tote for Taylor this Christmas, I decided that this size would be perfect for traveling when we visited family over the holidays (I found the small one was great, but could stand a bit more room because I tend to shove everything into a bag). I wound up finishing this bag on Christmas day – the day before our trip… and it was worth all the effort too because this bag is a lifesaver!

Originally, I was going to skip a few of the features (like the interior pockets and key leash) to save time, but I am so glad that I didn’t – they were some of my favorite elements of this bag! The lining pockets were perfect for putting my cords and wallet into (and it was large enough that my wallet didn’t fall out), the zipped pockets were used to house small (or valuable items) so they didn’t get lost inside the bag, and the key leash held a plethora of keys that I wound up having to hold (which made finding them so much easier). And that luggage sleeve – it’s so useful when you need to run between gates.

I’ve now used this on a total of 3 round trips (12 planes) and I can honestly say, this is my favorite pattern of the year. It’s so useful and holds so much (not to mention the fact you can shove it under the seat in front of you on the plane) – I’m so glad I took the time to finish this one up before we left.