New Year

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow kicks off a new year, not to mention decade! Normally today’s post would be a recap of my projects throughout the year, but with the move, I gave up trying to keep track somewhere about May of this year. Needless to say, my productivity was relatively low for awhile, but I still managed to sew some fun items. Here’s some of my favorites:

This locker organizer (which also works as a hanging organizer in any room) was one of my favorites at WeAllSew this year. It gave me the opportunity to use some different techniques (fabric frames, expandable pockets, and bindings) and fabrics, plus Easton really loves using it.

This mummy pillow was also a lot of fun to create as well, but any time I can use glow in the dark thread, it’s a plus!

I’m not normally one for home decor sewing, but I actually had fun making these covers for IKEA’s Henriksdal chairs. I spent several weeks making test patterns, chair covers, and eventually bar stools for our new kitchen. It was quite an undertaking, but I love the end results. Plus, we’ve had to wash 3 chair covers already because of TERRIBLE spills – consequently, these may be the best things I’ve made all year. In fact, I may always have chairs with covers on them so long as I have kids. The best thing about this project is that I can always change the look of my dining area, although I’m not motivated enough to make all those chair covers right away!

It probably comes as no surprise when I say, Jalie is one of my favorite pattern companies. Their men’s shirt pattern has been one that has gotten a lot of use, but this Cruise It version has to be one of my all time favorites.

After getting a panel that was too small to use whole, I opted to color block it to make this version…. no all future shirts may be color blocked!

I did a fair amount if writing last year for Creative Machine Embroidery magazine so it’s hard to pin down a favorite. While the velvet Amalfi is definitely one that I love, these embellished Converse may win for the year because I got the most use out of them once they were returned. Plus, you can’t beat teal Chucks with tiny pineapples all over them.

Also making the list of favorite projects is Seamwork magazine’s Oslo. I whipped this cardigan up as a last minute travel\girl’s night out project and I’ve found myself wearing it a ton since.

Between the fact that it’s black (which is apparently a favorite color, plus it goes with everything) and that it feels a lot warmer than what you’d expect, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it since I made it last month. I’m also a fan of how this particular version drapes, but still find myself fiddling with the collar constantly because the fabric likes to slide around on itself. As for the dino shirt, I haven’t had a chance to wear it again, but it may get a lot more use this spring when the weather is warmer.

Lastly, there are the hoodies (and a few sweatshirts tossed in for good measure). I found myself making quite a few this year (and have plans for several more next year too). My favorite patterns by far had to be Jalie’s sweatshirt\hoodie and New Horizon’s TAMI Revolution Double Hoodie as both of them started becoming standby’s for french terry.