It happens every year… I burn the midnight oil to get in that last minute sewing before Christmas. This year, I’m in even more of a time crunch -since Taylor won’t be spending the holidays with us this year (she works on Christmas), I’m mailing all her packages so she has them in time to open Christmas morning. My latest project is part of the reason why there was no Linky Thursday this week, but I’m happy to say it’s finally done!

I decided to make Taylor a large Supernova tote from Jalie’s Galaxie 3 collection and since her luggage is rose gold, I naturally thought she needed a matching piece! I looked all over for a nylon material in that shade and turned up empty handed, but I did find a seller on etsy who was selling a faux leather that seemed to be close. Unfortunately, the fabric was a bit trickier to work with than I anticipated so this project took a bit more time to sew up than what I had expected. The end result made the extra time worth it, though. I’m anxious to ship this off and see what she thinks!