Baby Yoda

I have a ton of projects that need to be finished before the holidays, but I found myself getting sidetracked from it all yesterday (I even forgot to post here!). What could make me so distracted? Baby Yoda!

Katie had recently posted her ornaments – they were so cute that I had to ask where she got the design from. And what do you know, they were even free (except that I got so excited about getting them, I forgot to use the code, but they were totally worth it!)!

The “Baby Green” file is from Off With Their Threads, but has since been taken down. However she is participating in a blog hop and will have a new FREE design on Friday (you’ll need to be a member of their Facebook group to get the code to use at checkout). I’m contemplating trying an in-the-hoop project too… maybe it will be my reward for completing something on my to-do list!