Teddy Bear Inspiration

Even though we’ve moved far away from some of our favorite stores and restaurants, I find myself still following a handful because I loved them so much. One of them, is a boutique that carried the best jeans (not only do they look good on, but they were so comfortable to wear) and trendy clothes. Most recently, they posted a photo of one of their new arrivals: a pink, teddy bear jacket. I had no desire for one until I saw this photo, so I’ve decided that I have to make one this weekend.

My first mission was to find a similar fabric, but I never could find exactly what I was after (most sherpa fleece seems to come in bright pinks) – so I settled on this rose faux fur from Hobby Lobby. It appears to be a similar shade, has some texture (that reminds me of a sherpa if you squint, LOL), and is incredibly soft. The woman at the cutting table thought I was making a blanket so hopefully in the end I won’t look like I’m wearing one.

When it comes to the pattern, I had originally thought I would make See Kate Sew’s Oversized Faux Fur Coat (it’s a free pattern). But once I brought my fabric home, I decided that it doesn’t have the same vibe as my inspiration photo. So after searching around, I decided on a pattern that I already had in my stash: Seamwork’s Jill. It had simple lines that work perfectly for fur and appears to have a very similar shape. This pattern is oversized so I decided that I’m sizing down to an XS so that I don’t look like I’m wearing a blanket after all!