Rock ‘n Roll Pjs

Easton has become somewhat of a pajama connoisseur – he practically lives in them if he doesn’t have a reason to change (and sometimes when he comes home, he’ll put them on). So, he’s become pretty particular on what he wants. Between the fact that Easton wears them so much and that he’s grown a ton, he’s definitely in need of some new ones. So, I tried the 11th Hour Gear pattern the other day and I can honestly say, he’s not impressed.

In years past, I used the Pajama Party pattern (which unfortunately, he’s grown out of), it has a wide, roomy leg which is apparently what he likes best. The 11th Hour version is definitely skinnier. Between the fact that this flannel is sort of “stiff” (hopefully it will soften with more washings) and the skinnier leg, this wound up being a bust. I’m thinking that I may try the adult version of the Pajama Party: Hit the Hay Pajamas next as they can be made as small as an XXS which he would fit into. I swear, by the end of winter I will find the ideal sleepwear!