Since it’s so chilly out, it only stands to reason that I need something to wear with my new tee – I don’t want to cover it completely (like with a sweatshirt) so a cardigan it is!

I seem to own quite a few cardigan styles, but what I was really after this time around was something very simple… so I opted for an oldie, but goodie, The Oslo (you can see my previous versions here, here, and here). This time around I skipped the sweater knit and tried it in a beefy single brushed poly…. and it’s love.

Initially I was a bit concerned how this would hang – brushed polys seem to cling like mad, but since it’s only brushed on one side, this doesn’t seem to be an issue. Not only is it buttery soft, but it has a great drape. The downside? The cuffs will not stay rolled and tend to become very long after a period of time. Otherwise this cardigan is perfect – I can see wearing it a lot this fall and winter!