Turkey Time

In recent years, I’ve tried to do something “interesting” for Thanksgiving. It might be wind up turkey (toy) races, turkey hats, card\board games, or holiday crackers. This year, I’ve opted for something different: crazy shirts and adult Mad Libs.

I got the idea for these shirts after seeing a Facebook ad and originally thought that I could try to make this design for myself. Fortunately, lots of other people saw these and decided to make cut files so I didn’t have to do all that work myself! The down side to this DIY? These tees are way more time consuming that what you would think – not only did it take awhile to cut with the machine (45 minutes or so), but weeding the excess vinyl also took an entire morning (a simpler design that eliminated the bottom text would go much faster).

Did it save me money? You bet ‘cha! About half the price of what I would have paid online for these (and if you have a larger quantity to make, it would definitely save you a lot more!), making it totally worth the effort! If you’re interested in doing these for yourself, I purchased the tees through Jiffy Shirts (I ordered Fruit of the Loom brand) and got the SVG here (which, at the time of posting, is FREE).