TAMI Reboot

When I made my original TAMI hoodie, Taylor sent me a message saying how much she liked it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough material left over to re-create the exact top, but I did save my remnants just in case I found another use for them…. good thing I did because I had just enough to make this version for her instead.

I wound up buying this great quilted knit from So Sew English and it paired up perfectly with the rest of these prints. Fortunately, with some creative cutting, I had just enough to make this top with a standard hood. And even better, I managed to match the stripes on the zipper guard with the stripes on the sleeves without really trying!

As for the fit, the quilted knit makes this version feel more snug – something to keep in mind if you buy this material for yourself. Otherwise, it’s perfect. I can’t wait to give it to her!