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Galaxie 3

Galaxie 3 is live on the Jalie website (and 50% off through Black Friday weekend) so I can finally show you a few of the projects I got to sew up! The Supernova Tote is a great little carry on bag that’s chuck full of pockets (and some secret pockets, too), is TSA compliant (so you can easily store it on the plane), and slips on the handle of your luggage so it doesn’t fall while you’re running to your next gate. I made the small version and used a canvas print for the fabric. I put this one to the test this weekend and it was the perfect size for storing cosmetics, carrying books\magazines, holding money and cards, as well as keeping my keys handy. I plan on making this one again in the larger size (and a nylon fabric) for Taylor since she flies here frequently and could use a larger carry on. While I’m at it, I may make one for myself too as I found that the canvas seemed to pick up fuzz of the blue plane carpet and I think I could use the larger size if we were gone for an extended period of time.

I also tested the Eclipse organizer. Like the tote, it has tons of pockets and even a zippered compartment to hold those small items you don’t want to get out of your reach. I had a lot of fun sewing this one up, but still haven’t used it in a purse…. I wound up stashing sewing essentials in it and keep it by my machines! I would love to sew this one up again as gifts this Christmas.

Since it’s so chilly out, it only stands to reason that I need something to wear with my new tee – I don’t want to cover it completely (like with a sweatshirt) so a cardigan it is!

I seem to own quite a few cardigan styles, but what I was really after this time around was something very simple… so I opted for an oldie, but goodie, The Oslo (you can see my previous versions here, here, and here). This time around I skipped the sweater knit and tried it in a beefy single brushed poly…. and it’s love.

Initially I was a bit concerned how this would hang – brushed polys seem to cling like mad, but since it’s only brushed on one side, this doesn’t seem to be an issue. Not only is it buttery soft, but it has a great drape. The downside? The cuffs will not stay rolled and tend to become very long after a period of time. Otherwise this cardigan is perfect – I can see wearing it a lot this fall and winter!


If you’re a long time reader of this blog, then you know that I occasionally make shirts for myself with “unconventional prints.” My latest is a prime example. In fact, my entire rationale for making my first purchase from Jumping June Textiles was because of this print!

I’ve gotten way behind on my sewing list, but thought I would tackle my most recent pile of fabrics. I knew I wanted to make a tee out of this print, but didn’t want it to be too fitted, so someone would think that I raided the children’s department… so I wound up settling on the Union St. Tee, which had a longer hemline and a bit of a boxier fit.

The fabric is a lot beefier than what I’ve made in the past with this pattern, so I wasn’t as thrilled with how boxy it really turned out (you can see in the photo on the left). After waffling back and forth on what I wanted to do, I wound up slimming down the sides some to make it slightly more fitted so I’m much happier with the end result.

CME Winter

The winter issue of Creative Machine Embroidery should be hitting newsstands and inside you’ll find a few of my projects. Today I’m showing off this very easy knitted hat:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a pattern for this one (it’s a purchased hat) so it’s solely a machine embroidery project, but it does make a great gift that’s quick to stitch up! In addition to the one you see here, there’s a version (non floral, of course) for the guys too.

Linky Thursday

Looking for a fun way to decorate your table this Thanksgiving? This turkey placemat isn’t just adorable, it has pockets for all your utensils too.

Have you seen ads for The Cozy? It’s the perfect way to wear a blanket and stay warm this winter. Why buy one when you can make it yourself? Sew one up for yourself and the little ones in your life with this free tutorials.

This see-through box bottom zip pouch has “holiday gift-giving” written all over it. Need something a big smaller? These triangle zipper pouches are always fun to make (and look impressive, too).

I’ve been eyeing almost anything buffalo plaid, so it only stands to reason that this Weekend Bag project would be calling my name. Looking for something smaller? Check out this corduroy walkabout backpack (which would also look fabulous in buffalo plaid!)

Get a head start on holiday sewing and make a set of (kids) pjs using this easy raglan shirt tutorial. You can find the pajama bottoms in this post.

Speaking of pajama bottoms … sewing for a tween (or teen) can be difficult as there seems to be a void in sizing until they hit adult measurements. Until now, this tutorial solves that problem!

Star warm for those tree lighting ceremonies by whipping up a few of these hand warmers.

It’s scarf weather again, which means it’s time to make some of these hidden pocket infinity scarves (perfect for stashing your phone, keys, and more).

Know someone that’s getting a new bike for Christmas? Sew them up one of these bike messenger bags.


And just like that, I’m concert ready:

I can’t envision making a ton of Starstrucks (although it does have a very pretty view that incorporates lace), but I have to admit, it’s pretty perfect for the occasion. Plus it was a lot easier to put together than what it looks like it should be – what took me the longest was determining how to finish the bottom half.

You see, the pattern comes with a peplum “skirt” (sized as top) which I really disliked. However, the Starstruck is interchangeable with the Mix It Up dress pattern, which has a lot of options (so I wound up buying it too). I really wanted to make the high low tunic and even spent a great deal of time figuring out how I could make this into a longer skirt, but in the end, I didn’t have enough fabric for it. Then I decided to scrap the whole idea of making a dress and went with a (non-peplum) top. To do this, I took the fitted skirt pattern and took several inches off the bottom – easy!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find that the Mix-it-Up skirt pieces lined up as well with the Starstruck bodice (at least when it came to the fitted skirt piece). In fact I wound up shaving about 1/2″ on each side for it to fit without stretching the material. I didn’t go through sewing threads to see if anyone else had this issue, so I’m not sure if I’m the only one or not. At least it was an easy fix.

Would I make this again? You bet. We have a music fest coming up next spring and it would be fun to take a concert tee and refashion it with this pattern. I may even give the pretty, lace version a try too!


I’ve been a big fan of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics well before Netflix picked the series up (I also highly recommend Afterlife with Archie – both are a very short run series with great storylines). So it only stands to reason that when I saw Silver Fox Fabrics running prints from the comic\show, that I had to buy some. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it until the Starstruck was released – it seemed like the perfect match.

That is until the fabric arrived and I found that the print was HUGE (and I probably need another yard as well). So it’s back to the drawing board for this fabric, but I’m not letting the pattern go to waste… we’re headed to a (metal) concert this week and I think the Starstruck is perfect… so my plans this week are to whip one up before Thursday. Stay tuned…..

Turkey Time

In recent years, I’ve tried to do something “interesting” for Thanksgiving. It might be wind up turkey (toy) races, turkey hats, card\board games, or holiday crackers. This year, I’ve opted for something different: crazy shirts and adult Mad Libs.

I got the idea for these shirts after seeing a Facebook ad and originally thought that I could try to make this design for myself. Fortunately, lots of other people saw these and decided to make cut files so I didn’t have to do all that work myself! The down side to this DIY? These tees are way more time consuming that what you would think – not only did it take awhile to cut with the machine (45 minutes or so), but weeding the excess vinyl also took an entire morning (a simpler design that eliminated the bottom text would go much faster).

Did it save me money? You bet ‘cha! About half the price of what I would have paid online for these (and if you have a larger quantity to make, it would definitely save you a lot more!), making it totally worth the effort! If you’re interested in doing these for yourself, I purchased the tees through Jiffy Shirts (I ordered Fruit of the Loom brand) and got the SVG here (which, at the time of posting, is FREE).

Linky Thursday

Looking for a functional gift you can bring your hostess over the holidays? Why not give my double oven mitt tutorial a try?

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

Embellish plain wristletts (or maybe even mittens) with this quick primer on embroidering on knits.

Like it or not “fanny packs” are back. This belt bag may be the nicest style I’ve seen yet.

If you’re Christmas list includes lots of stocking stuffers or teacher’s gifts, then you’ll want something quick to sew, like mug rugs. This easy binding version is a great option to use Christmas prints, but I love the idea of scented mug rugs too.

Keep your jewelry neat and tidy and always at your fingertips with this hanging organizer.

Stitch up the cutest glasses case.

Get your holiday table ready with this reversible table runner. Coordinate your look with these self binding cloth napkins.

Turkey Tees

Yesterday was sort of a snow day for us (at least a late start) so something inside me wanted to bake and cook all day. Consequently, I put off the projects I had lined up to do today – one of them: Thanksgiving Shirts. I honestly thought I would have plenty of time to work on these this morning, but after starting one vinyl transfer, I realized, this may take all day.

Not only do each one of these take quite a bit of time to cut (maybe 30-40 minutes), but there’s lots of weeding going on as well (I dread working on the bottom text). Thank goodness I decided to start these now and not the night before Thanksgiving! Hopefully I’ll have a final reveal on Friday for you!