I saw people making\selling fun, Hocus Pocus\Mean Girls mash up tees and decided that I needed one. Our ink jet printer is still packed away so making my own transfer wasn’t really an option, so I decided to turn to Etsy and buy one… however, instead of an “iron-on”, I decided to try a sublimation print instead.

This was my first real experience with this method and it might be my last. To begin with, you need a light colored t-shirt (preferably white) with a high polyester content for this to work. That sounds fine, but I really struggled to find some reasonably priced ones – these work, but are quite thin. Secondly, you really need a heat press for these to transfer as you need to get the temperature to 400 degrees. The easy press that I own only goes 360, which was enough to make them work, but wasn’t large enough to press the entire image all at once. Lastly, is the care: no bleach, wash inside out, and preferably no fabric softener. I can handle the first two, but I’m not sure I can skip using the fabric softener unless I’m washing a new batch of fabric.

With all that said, the end result looks fantastic, but I may stick with vinyl for future shirts. However, I did see that there are screen printed heat transfers available for some more complex images and I would definitely consider giving those a whirl in the future to compare.