It’s Beginning to Look Like Halloween

I love Halloween. So, when I stumbled across this fun, spooky-eye mummy wrap fabric (that glows in the dark, too), I couldn’t resist buying it…. even though it’s from Joann’s Doodle line. What’s wrong with Doodles? While they are seriously adorable, they generally have poor stretch and recovery, shrink quite a bit after washing (so always buy more than you need) and only come in a 2-way stretch as well. This particular print (or their Doodles this year in general) seems to have a bit more spandex than previous years (a bit, not much) which seems to have helped, but you can expect that this fabric will stretch easily when sewing if you’re not careful.

Clearly all those issues didn’t stop me from making my new Halloween themed shirt because here is my latest Marie-Claude raglan in my Doodle fabric. I was inspired to make this after seeing LuLaRoe’s Halloween line and some of the fun and funky baseball tees they released… and I love it (and I love it even more when the lights go out and the eyes glow)! I’m just sorry that I didn’t buy more because I keep seeing people making entire outfits from these as a very comfortable costume and they are pretty awesome.

Now, if anyone from Joann is reading this, PLEASE consider using a better quality fabric for these prints (and a 4-way stretch would be nice, too). I would definitely pay more for a better material.