Cruise It

I was recently introduced to Jumping June Textiles (how could I have missed this very cool retailer?) – who specializes in foreign fabrics. While shopping I picked up a variety of prints, including this Cruise It “panel” for Easton.

When I purchased this fabric, I knew that it was going to be short (lengthwise) and that I would probably need to modify a pattern (Jalie 2918) to get this print to work… I just underestimated how much he had grown since the last time I sewed for him! Color blocking was really the only option, but doing a solid white or black really just made it stand out that this panel was pieced together. So, I opted to add both colors and created a little stripe to add some interest.

I am extremely pleased with how this turned out and the fit wound up being spot on for Easton… which means he had better wear the heck out of this tee because with the way he’s growing, by next spring I’ll probably be too small! As for the panel – while I love the end result, I probably will not buy one of these again (unless there is something that really catches my eye) because it was just a lot of work to get this to turn out.