Barbie Transformation

Mad props to anyone who makes Barbie clothing… what a feat it is!

My original thought was to take an existing piece of clothing and make it into Easton’s Oktoberfest design – let’s just say that didn’t work out so well. So I went online and found a simple t-shirt pattern and started with that. The rest (belt, headband, skirt, and apron) I was able to “wing”. Then we came up with some “accessories” (rucksack, bratwurst, and a German Flag), found an Oktoberfest logo to place on the box, and repackaged her (in hindsight, I wish I would have taken a photo of her out of the box). The end result turned out ok – not as phenomenal as either one of us had hoped, but I’m sure it’s enough to get him some great extra credit.

2 thoughts on “Barbie Transformation

  1. Kathy

    My mother made all my Barbie doll clothes. I made one nightgown for my daughter and a matching one for her Barbie. It took me 10 times the amount of time to make one for Barbie and it was totally frustrating. I never made more Barbie clothes. At least American Girl dolls are bigger so their clothes are easier.

  2. Lois

    I learned to sew making Barbie clothes and had a grand time doing it. My final triumph (many years later) was making a tux for my niece’s Ken doll. I was glad I did it for her, bur I’m not making another one, ever. 😉

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