I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for fabric “mystery bundles”. Not only are they (typically) a great bargain, but they tend to get me out of my comfort zone and make me use some different fabrics\prints\colors. I had a urge to pick one up recently and fortunately, got in on a sale. So that means I had to do it, right? My fabric arrived and I couldn’t be more excited!

Chey’s Leftovers from So Sew English fabrics

I wound up picking Chey’s Leftovers from So Sew English fabrics, an 8-10 yard mystery bundle that was guaranteed to have at least 1 yard cuts. Inside I got: a black stripe modal spandex (yay, more shirts!), a brown-ish (although it looks mauve in the photo) single sweater knit, a floral knit that could possibly be a single brush poly, a black modal jersey, and a rayon spandex animal print.

Now to start planning what I might want to do with all of these. I’m so excited to put them to good use!