Bar Stools

This must be the week of new chair covers because I now have 2 bar stools at my kitchen island. This is the Hanriksdal Bar Stool from IKEA (which matches the chairs of the same name that I made for my kitchen) – the cover for this one was made by taking apart a premade version that I got in the store. Unfortunately, this didn’t come together as well as the chair version – it is extremely “fitted” and it was a real struggle to get the velcro to attach to the underside of the chair without a lot of tugging (I am guessing the side needs to be extended just a smidge). It does look great on, though so I can’t complain unless I ever have to wash these… then I’m guessing the shrinkage may cause issues.

Speaking of washing covers, I did have to launder one of my chair covers over the weekend – I did have bit of shrinkage with the fabric (I did not prewash it), but I think that it was just enough to make for a better fit. FYI if you decide to buy this fabric for yourself.

With all the chairs (finally) finished, I’m ready to move on to window treatments. I think it’s time to start surfing the internet for ideas!