A Diversion

A week or so ago, a longtime friend had asked (on social media) if anyone knew of someone who recovered chairs\cushions. I decided to volunteer my services – they looked easy enough and would be a nice diversion from other projects I have going on (except for making covers for my barstools, that’s about the same, I suppose).

Last week, she sent me her very worn covers, fabric, and zippers so today I’m getting ready to make myself a pattern. Unfortunately, these aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but I think I can trace off the cover easily enough.

2 thoughts on “A Diversion

  1. M-C

    Are they not perfectly symmetrical because the chairs are not? Or because they got distorted from being sat on too much? And in that case are just the covers not symmetric, or the pillows as well?

    1. stacy Post author

      They are not symmetrical – apparently, the chair “fans” out some in the front. She didn’t send me the pillow forms, but did snap a picture and they aren’t symmetrical, either.

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