The REAL Chair Cover

Last week I showed you my test version for the Henriksdal chair, but today I can show you a final version!

This time around I serged around all the fabric pieces, added topstitching, and inserted the velcro (and there is a lot!) – this added considerable time to actually making the chair so it didn’t whip up quite as fast as the first, but I did figure out a slightly easier way to put it together so I think I’m set to make the remaining 5 chairs. Woot!

One thing I wanted to point out about this project is that it does use quite a bit of Velcro… but only the “soft” side. I never found a resource for buying only half of the velcro needed so I opted for One Wrap. This product is generally used for wrapping cords because it has both the male and female sides on one tape, but it is the width I needed and much cheaper than buying “standard” Velcro by the yard. With that said, NEVER buy this product as Joann’s – it is way too expensive ($12). I found the exact same product at Walmart for half the price (it is slightly more expensive to buy online than to physically pick it up, too).

4 thoughts on “The REAL Chair Cover

    1. stacy Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m going to check it out – I have plans for “holiday” covers so I’ll definitely be needing more!

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