Henriksdal Test

After a bit of tracing, adding of seam allowances, and a plan for sewing, I finally dove into making a cover for my Henriksdal chair…. and I’m pretty pleased with my results!

For my tester: I omitted serging\finishing the edges of the fabric, all the topstitching (I’m fairly certain that it’s done to keep the seam allowances down when putting the cover on) and all the Velcro (that attaches to the underside of the chair to keep the cover taut and in place), so the cover went together fairly quickly – I am guessing the “real” version will take a bit longer when I add in all the elements that I left off. I am also estimating that each chair will take about a yard and half – although with doing multiple chairs, I figure that I will use less that than since I have more room to fiddle with placement.

I’m so excited to move on to the real chair now! I may regret that after making 6, though.

2 thoughts on “Henriksdal Test

  1. Barbara Showell

    You might be getting sick of the project about chair four, but it’s going to be so wonderful to see them all gorgeous together after number 6!

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