After my little mishap last week with the TAMI hoodie hood, I’m glad that I was able to salvage this project because I really like the end result.

I wound up buying both the fabric and pattern after seeing someone make up a similar version on the SoSewEnglish Facebook page – I am attempting to branch out this fall and wear some fabric (and fabric combinations) that I normally wouldn’t go for… thankfully this did not disappoint.

Putting the TAMI hoodie was a little more work than a “standard” hoodie pattern – largely because I opted to insert the zipper and go for the double hood (both hoods are offset so it also gives it a different feel). Both were worth the extra effort because I don’t have anything else like this in my closet, so it will definitely stand out. I thought the fit was good too, but be sure to keep in mind this is a more fitted look, so if you’re wanting something looser, you’ll need to go up a size.

As for putting this together, I thought the instructions were good, but I clearly didn’t pay enough attention to them because I inserted both hoods the wrong way. I also have to admit, I didn’t insert the zipper quite the way it was written, I just liked the way I did mine better than the instructions.

I think it’s safe to say, you’ll be seeing a few more of these in my future. I really enjoyed sewing this one up and love that it has a different look than hoodie patterns I already own.