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Linky Thursday

There’s still plenty of summer left to whip up one of these pretty peplum tops. While you’re visiting her site, be sure to check out her other new tutorial for a camisole top.

This easy lunch bag is perfect for back to school… or back to work!

Keep your kids busy on the go with this car wallet tutorial.

Stash your cash in this adorable cat zipper pouch.

I’m not quite ready for holiday sewing, but after seeing this adorable Christmas Postcard Mug Rug, I may have changed my mind.

Headed out of town this weekend? Whip up one of these compact quilted duffels to take on your trip.

Winter is coming… and there’s no better place to stash those blankets than a large fabric basket.

V-neck tees can seem daunting, but this tutorial (pattern included) can help you learn how to sew one up with great results.

Cork is such a big material right now – take advantage of the trend and sew up a card wallet.

I spotted this triangle pillow and was surprised to see there was no pattern…. what a fun and easy project to whip up with impressive (and colorful) results.

This Halloween treat basket is a great way to showcase large scale patterns.

The REAL Chair Cover

Last week I showed you my test version for the Henriksdal chair, but today I can show you a final version!

This time around I serged around all the fabric pieces, added topstitching, and inserted the velcro (and there is a lot!) – this added considerable time to actually making the chair so it didn’t whip up quite as fast as the first, but I did figure out a slightly easier way to put it together so I think I’m set to make the remaining 5 chairs. Woot!

One thing I wanted to point out about this project is that it does use quite a bit of Velcro… but only the “soft” side. I never found a resource for buying only half of the velcro needed so I opted for One Wrap. This product is generally used for wrapping cords because it has both the male and female sides on one tape, but it is the width I needed and much cheaper than buying “standard” Velcro by the yard. With that said, NEVER buy this product as Joann’s – it is way too expensive ($12). I found the exact same product at Walmart for half the price (it is slightly more expensive to buy online than to physically pick it up, too).


I love Jalie – not only are their patterns wonderful to work with (and wear), but they also have great customer service. If that doesn’t entice you, now there’s another great reason to pick up their latest pattern – 100% of sales of the new Marie-Josée pattern will be donated to Centre Philou, a non-profit organization that helps and supports families of polyhandicapped children! Plus if you pick up the Marie-Josee before midnight tonight you can get 10% off any other PDF pattern in your cart at checkout.

The Rising Moon Kimono in the Fall 2019 of Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine

If you pick up the Fall 2019 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine, you’ll notice an article (or two) from me in there!

This is the Rising Moon Kimono – a one size fits most design that features embroidery designs along all the hem edges. I made this version from a sheer(ish) cotton that had a great flow, but also held up to all the stitching. Of course you can skip the embroidery work and just make a kimono out of your favorite fabric, too – I made this version out of Liverpool.

Henriksdal Test

After a bit of tracing, adding of seam allowances, and a plan for sewing, I finally dove into making a cover for my Henriksdal chair…. and I’m pretty pleased with my results!

For my tester: I omitted serging\finishing the edges of the fabric, all the topstitching (I’m fairly certain that it’s done to keep the seam allowances down when putting the cover on) and all the Velcro (that attaches to the underside of the chair to keep the cover taut and in place), so the cover went together fairly quickly – I am guessing the “real” version will take a bit longer when I add in all the elements that I left off. I am also estimating that each chair will take about a yard and half – although with doing multiple chairs, I figure that I will use less that than since I have more room to fiddle with placement.

I’m so excited to move on to the real chair now! I may regret that after making 6, though.

Linky Thursday

These fabric covered art journals are perfect for back to school or just for sketching on the go.

Tired of the same ‘ole lunch box patterns? Then you’ll need to check out this linen lunch bag tutorial.

Pajama shorts are my go to sleepwear for summer. Learn how to make your own before it gets too cool out.

Christmas may be several months away, but it’s not to early to start crafting for the holiday. Get a jump start by making one of these cute hanging Santa kitchen towels.

This mini purse is a fun way to stash small goodies onto a backpack, but it would also make a great earbud pouch too!

This project may be aimed at back to school, but I think I may need a glitter pencil pouch for myself anyway.

Traveling? Keep your jewelry tidy and all in one place with this quilted accordion pouch.

I’ve been seriously considering recovering my sewing chair (which is also an “office chair”). I may have to use this tutorial.

Hooded towels make a great baby gift, plus they’re easy to sew!

This lined drawstring backpack makes for a great after school activity bag.


If you’ve been to IKEA, chances are you’ve seen the Henriksdal chair somewhere in the store. I spent a great deal of time looking at new dining chairs, and this one kept catching my attention – not only are they comfortable, but they have so many possibilities when you change up the cover. So, I bought 6…. and 2 matching barstools.

The Henriksdal cover desconstructed

The covers for these chairs are pretty limited (besides, why buy them when you can make them?) so I decided that I would sew up my own. My first step was to take an existing cover and rip it apart -which you can see that I’ve done (and labeled) on the left. It’s really just 6 pieces, with lots of velcro (to attach to the chair), so I believe construction should be fairly straightforward.

My next step to to trace off the pieces, even them up (if needed, I’m not sure how “accurate” they are cut), add seam allowances, and come up with a plan for how I want to sew them together. I’m very excited about the idea of making some interchangeable covers – this could be fun for the holidays!


After my little mishap last week with the TAMI hoodie hood, I’m glad that I was able to salvage this project because I really like the end result.

I wound up buying both the fabric and pattern after seeing someone make up a similar version on the SoSewEnglish Facebook page – I am attempting to branch out this fall and wear some fabric (and fabric combinations) that I normally wouldn’t go for… thankfully this did not disappoint.

Putting the TAMI hoodie was a little more work than a “standard” hoodie pattern – largely because I opted to insert the zipper and go for the double hood (both hoods are offset so it also gives it a different feel). Both were worth the extra effort because I don’t have anything else like this in my closet, so it will definitely stand out. I thought the fit was good too, but be sure to keep in mind this is a more fitted look, so if you’re wanting something looser, you’ll need to go up a size.

As for putting this together, I thought the instructions were good, but I clearly didn’t pay enough attention to them because I inserted both hoods the wrong way. I also have to admit, I didn’t insert the zipper quite the way it was written, I just liked the way I did mine better than the instructions.

I think it’s safe to say, you’ll be seeing a few more of these in my future. I really enjoyed sewing this one up and love that it has a different look than hoodie patterns I already own.


Yesterday just wasn’t my day: an emergency vet visit (which turned out to be an allergic reaction to probably a spider or bee), got caught is a monsoon while shopping, a spilled box of crackers in the car (what a mess), and this…. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I attached the hoods to my TAMI hoodie, but I went to test fit it and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why half my face was covered (the hoods are already off-centered on purpose) until I realized my placement was just all off.

Fortunately this is fixable, so I’ll work on redoing the hood and finishing up this project later. I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle it even today!

Linky Thursday

This library tote would make an adorable back to school gift for teachers or just a cute bag to take to the library for those end of summer trips.

After cleaning and organizing my notions drawer this weekend, I decided that maybe I need a few of these mini notions bags.

Last week I shared my locker organizer tutorial at WeAllSew. If you’re pressed for time, but still looking for a locker project this caddy from Sew4Home sports several pockets and a white board.

This wrap skirt only has one seam and whips up in no time. Looking for pants instead? Give this wide legged version a try.

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate from The Fabric Fairy!

This change purse transforms into a shopping bag when needed. Brilliant!

Fall is right around the corner (and already here if you head into stores), get a jump start into the new season and whip up a few of these easy fabric pumpkins.

Have a special event that requires a show-stopping dress? This Todea Dress would definitely fit the bill.

This candy zipper pouch would make a great back to school project (plus, you need to eat the candy first before you can make it!).

Learn how to sew a shirt without a pattern.

Spend the last few days of summer outside and go on a picnic! These fabric placemats are the perfect accessory for the event.