25 lbs. of peaches sounds like a lot, and it is… especially when it comes to processing them for different purposes. Apparently I didn’t take this into consideration when I bough the half bushel because I’ve been making my way through them for DAYS. However, I will say that I made a batch of peach hot sauce yesterday and it is, by far, the tastiest thing I’ve made with them (next to the stuffed french toast). After freezing several gallon size bags of peaches, I’m finally done (with the exception of about 6 I saved to eat the rest of this week). Now, with that behind me, it’s time to get back to sewing.

I mentioned yesterday that I plan on starting the Muscle Up Tank and finally settled on a fabric: a navy gray basket weave knit. It’s not love, but it’s one of the few athletic looking knits (without being a heavyweight fabric or a shiny poly) that has 4 way stretch. I think it will work for my trial run of this pattern.