Peaches & Muscles

Sometimes those targeted Facebook ads get things right. Late last week, I went to The Peach Truck tour. Since I’m not from around this area, I had no idea how big of a deal this was… but somehow I came home with 25 lbs of peaches, a bag of pecans, and a recipe book! All the peaches are just about at their peak ripeness, so I’ve been swimming in fruit and trying to capitalize on all their peachy goodness.

Thus far I’ve tried making peach bourbon BBQ sauce, peach butter, peach vinegar, and freezer jam (all from the recipe book so no links to the recipes). Today I’m giving the hot sauce a whirl and probably freezing a few because I’ve eaten way too many since I’ve purchased them!

In between all the peachiness, I decided that it’s been too hot for sleeves and broke down and brought Greenstyle’s Muscle Up Tank pattern. I was drawn to the fact that this version had a hood, which really changes up the look of a standard tank. I’m hoping that in between all this cooking, I find the time to get this one started!