Cascade Tee

How many outfits can you make with 2 yards of fabric? Apparently my record is 4.

When I picked up this double brushed poly, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. I started by making a Discoverer Tee, followed by a pair of Logger shorties (these have become sleep bottoms because they are too short to wear outside the house), a Valencia Tee, and now a Cascade Tee. That’s 4 projects from 2 yards of material – it’s new record for me!

So, back to the Cascade – I picked up this pattern on a whim when buying a New Horizon’s bundle – it was the ruffles that sold me on this top. With some creative cutting, I had just enough material to make this top… and it’s perfect. The fit is great, the ruffles are fun, and best of all it’s sleeveless… because it’s darn hot outside. I found the instructions were well written, so putting this top together was easy. In fact, it was so easy, I’m thinking about making another one (sans ruffles, because you can only have so many distinctive tops) today!