Sporty Piko

As excited as I was to sew up the Sporty Piko, my result was just as disappointing. I knew going in that this top was a very relaxed fit – I just didn’t realize how “relaxed” it would be…. it’s HUGE.

The photo on the left is the initial fit of the top. For reference, this is a size small and you can easily see how over-sized it is. Between the color and the fit, I felt like I was wearing a hospital gown….

In an effort to salvage this tee, I decided to shave 1 1/2″- 1 3/4″ off each side (I kept the initial fit of the sleeve because I was afraid I would make it too tight) and I think that the end result is much better. It’s still loose, but not sack-like. However, I’m still not in love with the end result… this pattern still needs some work. I may consider giving the Sporty Piko a try again in the fall (in at least one size down) because I love the idea of creating a PomPom Jersey with a team logo across the back, but I’ll have to rethink how I may want to go about sewing it up.

2 thoughts on “Sporty Piko

  1. Bunny

    It’s a great color. I have a similar tee that I love that I gleaned from a Vogue dress pattern. I just cut it short for a top when I realized how well it fit. FWIW, the area under the arm appears to need a sharper curve to eliminate that sack effect. I don’t usually offer unsolicited suggestions but since you are working on this one, thought I would offer. There are lots of patterns out there like this. Look for those that have a tighter, albeit not tight, fit under the arms, even if the top is cut wide. It should angle up into the armpit more. Keep up the good fit fight!

  2. stacy Post author

    Thanks for the tip about the sleeve – I’ll have to play with it and see what happens. There isn’t much sleeve curve there at all (because of the shirt style) so I’ll have to fiddle with it… or just look for another pattern!

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