Prime Day

It’s one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year – Amazon Prime day. Yes, I’ve already visited. I’ve even scoured the sewing\crafting deals (admittedly I only picked up the 3 pack of Cricut mats… for $12, I couldn’t pass that up because I always need new mats).

Probably the question you’re asking, “Is there anything worth buying today?”. Honestly, you can probably save your money in the crafting department – sure there was some good prices on thread (but they were brands I’ve never heard of), carrying cases (most were open totes), and an occasional machine (mostly minis, but this bag closing machine was interesting) here and there, but nothing that jumped at me. However, if you need some notions, you might be in luck:

There seems to be lots of elastics (most are 1″ or larger) in bulk: this 10 yard 1″ black and white bundle for $6.30, 10 yards of black and white buttonhole elastic (great for kids pants) for $6.79, and 100 yards (yes 100) of fold over elastic in 20 different colors for $21.59.

There also seemed to be a lot of zippers (beware not all sizes and styles are included in the sales) like this 40 piece, 22″ zipper set for $12.79. There’s no comment about what brand and you’ll probably get an assortment of colors, but if you’re willing to gamble, it’s a great deal!

WonderClips are also on sale (I love these for bag making, bulky fabrics, or with items that can’t be pinned). If you don’t already own some, I highly recommend this set of 150 for $11.99.

There were also several ruler sets listed (they were probably all the same retailer, though). This one had a variety of shapes (although I’m not sure this is from a sewing company because the names of some of the rulers don’t seem “standard”) for $13.43, but beware, from what I’ve read, they’re almost all metric.

Need buttons? I found this set of 100, 1″ wood buttons for $6.92. I’m not sure how I would use the, but they look pretty.

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  1. Mary Deeter

    Thanks Stacy for the rundown. I was pretty underwhelmed with the crafty offerings so I went over to FabricMart and placed an order…LOL! They are giving away a free 6 yard bundle with a $50 order. Yes, please! 🙂

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