Little Birds

FINALLY, after what seems like an eternity, I have a selfish sew! I decided that I needed to put the cute little bird print to good use so I opted to make a new top with it. I looked for my trusty Jalie Tee pattern, but couldn’t find it (alright, so maybe my sewing room isn’t as organized as I thought) so I decided to do something completely different instead…. make a scoopneck top.

I always liked this Jalie pattern because of the tulip sleeves – it’s such a pretty way to change up shirt. Plus, it’s a fairly quick sew, which is perfect when you’re needing a new top. This top went together beautifully, but the fabric was a bit temperamental (in hindsight, I wished I had used a different needle and lengthened my stitches just a bit more).

I have just a smidge more of this material left and I’m debating on if it’s enough to actually do anything else with…. I just love the little birds, but don’t want my stash to be overrun with remnants that I never do anything with (again). I may try to see if I can’t squeeze a tank out of this today.