On The List

I’m sewing! Sort of. I’m actually in the “planning” stages of sewing, which I realize isn’t the same, but it’s much more productive that what I’ve been able to do for the past month or so!

One of the first purchases I made was Patterns for Pirate’s Sporty Piko. This is not a really new pattern, but I’ve had my eye on it for awhile so I finally broke down and bought it…. then realized I didn’t really have any fabric that I wanted to use with it (I really LOVE this version) so I headed to Joann’s (for the first time) in hopes that I could find something. I never found anything I wanted to use with this pattern, but I did bring home an adorable bird knit fabric that I couldn’t resist.

Also heading up my “must sew list” is a home decor project – a bench seat cushion. This project also lead me back to Joann’s in search of foam and material. Not kidding, I spent most of my time mulling over potential fabric choices that by the time I came home, I didn’t even want to think about it any more. Hopefully this will be done by next week.

Lastly, I took on a project that is due at the end of the month… I know yikes, right? I knew that this was a tight deadline, so I had a bulk of the project finished before our move, but still have some embellishing and writing to do before next week. I have decided I work best under pressure.