After several days of arranging (and rearranging), I finally have a functional sewing room!

I’m not sure that I’m fond of the sewing machine arrangement, but since my table is “L” shaped, this is how it’s going to be until I break down and do something different.

The closet in this room is much larger than the other bedrooms (aside from the master) – so it’s perfect for fabric storage! In fact, I was able to fit all my material, Cricut machines and accessories, notions storage, fabric rolls, AND threads and stabilizers inside. I also took the time to organize everything by fabric type in hopes that it’s easier to find things as I need them… now let’s just hope it all stays that way.

Now we just need some window treatments and wall decorations and this room should pretty much be complete for awhile (I have requested the IKEA cutting table hack sometime in the future). I’m hoping that next week I can get started on sew sewing projects – I have really missed my machines.

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