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Not much has been happening on the sewing front the past few days, except this! The Denver Backpack pattern was released to everyone!

This was originally released as an exclusive bonus in one of the Bag of the Month Club memberships (about a year or so ago). While I loved the BOMC, that was one of the times that I did not sign up…. and I kicked myself ever since then. As soon as I saw it was available to everyone I snagged it up – before Swoon changed their minds and took it off. LOL

Of course, I’m adding this to my “list” because I have been wanting to do this one for so long…. I probably even have the fabric and notions on hand to do this one too! Now if I can just find more time to sew.

Linky Thursday

Got new sunnies this summer? Protect your glasses with this easy to sew case.

It finally feels like summer, so it’s time to crack out those pretty dresses! I love this Empire of the Sundress tutorial (and not just because it has a fun name) and this wrap maxi (that would be perfect for a night out). Need something in less than 30 minutes? This tutorial uses shirred material to make a quick sundress.

This summer floral cushion is a great way to use some of your favorite fabric prints – plus it gives an adorable seat in your house!

Get concert\sporting event ready with this clear tote bag tutorial.

Add the look of corded handles to your next bag by using purchased webbing.

Keep all your ironing essentials in one place with this ultimate ironing board cover.

Protect your knees the next time you garden with this knee pad tutorial.

I’ve decided I need more tank tops in my life. The Durango Tank isn’t just cute, it’s free too.

Get your kids involved in the laundry process by making this laundry bag for their bedroom – in fact, they can start by helping make the bag, it’s a great kid friendly project.

On The List

I’m sewing! Sort of. I’m actually in the “planning” stages of sewing, which I realize isn’t the same, but it’s much more productive that what I’ve been able to do for the past month or so!

One of the first purchases I made was Patterns for Pirate’s Sporty Piko. This is not a really new pattern, but I’ve had my eye on it for awhile so I finally broke down and bought it…. then realized I didn’t really have any fabric that I wanted to use with it (I really LOVE this version) so I headed to Joann’s (for the first time) in hopes that I could find something. I never found anything I wanted to use with this pattern, but I did bring home an adorable bird knit fabric that I couldn’t resist.

Also heading up my “must sew list” is a home decor project – a bench seat cushion. This project also lead me back to Joann’s in search of foam and material. Not kidding, I spent most of my time mulling over potential fabric choices that by the time I came home, I didn’t even want to think about it any more. Hopefully this will be done by next week.

Lastly, I took on a project that is due at the end of the month… I know yikes, right? I knew that this was a tight deadline, so I had a bulk of the project finished before our move, but still have some embellishing and writing to do before next week. I have decided I work best under pressure.


After several days of arranging (and rearranging), I finally have a functional sewing room!

I’m not sure that I’m fond of the sewing machine arrangement, but since my table is “L” shaped, this is how it’s going to be until I break down and do something different.

The closet in this room is much larger than the other bedrooms (aside from the master) – so it’s perfect for fabric storage! In fact, I was able to fit all my material, Cricut machines and accessories, notions storage, fabric rolls, AND threads and stabilizers inside. I also took the time to organize everything by fabric type in hopes that it’s easier to find things as I need them… now let’s just hope it all stays that way.

Now we just need some window treatments and wall decorations and this room should pretty much be complete for awhile (I have requested the IKEA cutting table hack sometime in the future). I’m hoping that next week I can get started on sew sewing projects – I have really missed my machines.

I’m Back!

What an adventure moving can be, but I am happy to say that we’re finally here!

We’ve been in the house just over a week and so far I’ve managed to completely unpack the kitchen (why does it take the longest?) and all the bedrooms. The sewing room? Well, it looks like this. I’ll take it, though because I can finally put everything away – I had to keep some things in storage while we were selling the house to reduce clutter.

Easton and I have also ventured out a few times (because sometimes you have to take a break from unpacking), but none of them have included a fabric store… although from what I’ve Googled, most seem to be geared toward quilting or is a Joann’s (if you live in Columbus and have suggests, please let me know, though!). And now, back to unpacking….