The Big Move Update

Ugh, moving is hard. I’ve had good intentions of finishing up last minute projects, blogging, etc. but I will finally admit it, I can’t keep up. What’s going on this week? For starters, this:

Taylor is officially packed up and ready for her move (she is relocating to a different city than us)! Whew, one portion of one move down. Also on the agenda this week…. a new roof. Just days after our home inspection (because everything was going too smoothly), we had a pretty big hail storm that totaled our roof and guttering so we finally have a break in our weather and they are rushing to put it on (cross your fingers for a couple of dry days here).

Lastly…. our move…. next week. That’s right, the day has FINALLY come that we are making the big move to Ohio. The movers come next week, the new owners close on this house and the next day we turn around and close on our home in Columbus (unfortunately, our stuff doesn’t arrive for a few days after that). Whew! With that said, I’m taking a couple of weeks off from blogging since I won’t have anything to show until we’re at least moved in…. so, see you in a few weeks and stay tuned for some new sewing room photos!

3 thoughts on “The Big Move Update

  1. Sharon

    Oh my, I know just what your going through! We moved from MN to TX just a month ago. Even having movers pack and move everything, and unpack at our new home, it was stressful. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new home.

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