End of Year

I had good intentions of keeping up with my Jalie pattern testing reveals, but this weekend got the better of me.

For starters, this happened – Taylor graduated from nursing school! We had a weekend of festivities, starting off with her pinning ceremony followed by commencement the following day. She still needs to take her boards, but you can tell by the smile on her face that she’s happy to be finished.

Fortunately, she already has a job lined up, will be moving to her new apartment, and ready to work (the night shift) very soon!

Easton also had his last day of school last week! We rounded out the school year with field day (I didn’t get any photos this time around because I was helping) and one last awards assembly. I wound up making an autograph shirt for him, but they were so busy that he said there wasn’t really any time to sign it. That’s ok, the T still turned out cute.

We are also heading into the home stretch of moving…. 2 weeks (and two days to go)! I imagine that things will get more chaotic in the mean time, but I still have plans to finish a few projects in between then.