Velvet Embroidery

I was getting ready to post a photo of my latest project and realized that I can’t… at least not yet. So instead I’ll have to just show you a sneak peek… pretty embroidery on luxurious velvet!

I had so many directions I wanted to go with this project that I wound up fiddling with placement(s) for the better part of a week. In the end, I edited down a lot of what I originally intended because it just wound up being “too much”. When Taylor came over the other day and saw it, she had noted she really liked it (well, hinted she would like to wear it) so I’m glad I settled on the direction I did… approval from a picky clothing person is always a good indicator if my judgement was correct.

I also need to say that I ADORE the Bernina 590. The pinpoint placement has got to be my all time favorite feature of any machine – it really helps make sure that everything is exactly where you want it (which is especially useful when you’re aiming for symmetry). I could have used this feature for a few projects that gave me hooping headaches!

With that said, I’m ready to send this beauty off. Fortunately, I have enough of this fabric left over to do something else – I’m thinking a pair of stretch velvet joggers!