This weekend, I did something completely different. I made a porch sign. Granted this was done at a store with friends – so half the work was done by someone else (and I didn’t even have to deal with the mess). Here are our results:

Essentially these are created with a Cricut machine, vinyl, and paint – so they’re totally doable yourself (but hanging out with friends and no mess is sometimes so much better). The Keeper of the Plains (it’s a statue in Wichita and has become a symbol for our city) sign was definitely more difficult and we all wound up pitching in to get everything down and lined up correctly. We also learned some interesting tricks about painting values and how to make things appear brighter next to certain hues.

Overall this was a fun little project – I’m glad that I went with something fairly simple to start with because there was a lot of cursing when dealing with that Keeper. All my sign needs is a nice clear coat and it’ll be ready to be put outside!