Coupon Book

Today, Easton turns 11. This year he didn’t ask for much (seriously, he asked for a new blanket, a book, and “maybe a game”), so I tried to get creative and made him a “Coupon Book” full of activities we can do once we get to Columbus.

I am not a seasoned Cricut user, so this project was fairly ambitious. While the tear off coupons are a template, I decided that the actual coupons would use logos from the actual places along with text. Overall, it turned out well, but I did learn a few this along the way so if I ever attempt this again, I might have better results. One of the biggest? Proofread – I noticed that I left out an “S” in his name on the cover! Maybe he won’t notice because it’s so busy (another note to self: don’t use patterned paper behind cutouts – it makes it too hard to read)… I know I didn’t until I posted this picture!