Stripes & Camo 2.0

My quest to make another stripes and camo boutique knockoff didn’t go as well as my first attempt. This time I was aiming for a tri-colored top (second from the left) – using remnants from other projects that I had recently made and (once again) the Valencia Top pattern. Before I delve into my issues, here is the finished product:

While the finished result is cute, it’s not quite what I wanted, largely because I just didn’t have enough stripe to make this work. The lack of material forced me to cut my fabric a bit wonky which led to the stripes being off slightly – something that I probably never would have thought about if I bought it in the store like this, but it’s noticeable to me and might drive me mad (it is also on the front of the shirt and if you look closely, you’ll see it). My fabric shortage also meant that I had to use a banded version of this top as well… plus I cut the fabric wrong (I cut on the “shorten” line instead of the bodice line) which made the top even shorter!

My other complaint is that the fabrics are all slightly different material styles and weights, which makes the top feel odd when worn. I think that it hangs fine, but the black is definitely thicker so wears much differently than the rest.

Overall, not a bad effort considering I worked with scraps, but it’s not quite the top I had envisioned. Now it’s time to put this pattern away and work on something else!