Valencia 2.0

After my first success with the Valencia, I decided to forge ahead and make a second top (the one that inspired me to get the pattern in the first place).

New Horizon’s Valencia Top – draped back version

This time around I made the crossover back top with short sleeves in So Sew English’s Black Ombre Modal Spandex. Like the color block tee, the crossover back was easy to put together and came together nicely…. however, I wasn’t a fan of some of the finishing techniques used – namely how the back was attached to the front and the side seams (the front band is completed already when you sew the sides…. nothing is really wrong with them, I just prefer a cleaner finish.

As for the fit, it seems a bit less fitted than the previous version – I am sure this is because of the draped back. I believe I could have gone down one size and I may have liked the look a bit better. I should also note that I did not add the strap across the back because I think it looks better without it and seems to stay up fine on it’s own. I don’t think this changed the fit any either. My only other complaint is that it is a bit longer than what I had expected – I think I would have liked the length better if it didn’t have the bottom band (something to play around with in future tops).

Overall, I love the overall look of this top and can’t wait to wear it. I had planned putting this on for for a girl’s night out this past weekend, but of course the weather didn’t cooperate (it was darn cold again) so I had to opt for something warmer.

One thought on “Valencia 2.0

  1. Kathy

    Oh, I really love this top. The fabric is great, I want to purchase a couple of yards. The pattern is nice too, but I am going to dig in my stash. I have acquired too many patterns. I need to stop. buying. patterns and sew the ones I have!

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