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Linky Thursday

Looking for an adorable Easter craft? This plush bunny will make an excellent basket stuffer.

Forget ordinary leggings – elevate yours to a pretty ballet style tie version instead.

This belt with a pouch is perfect for traveling or running.

Is your grocery store doing away with plastic bags? Make your own to take to the store AND save space with this fold and snap grocery bag.

Win one of 5 sewing machine LED light kits.

I have always wanted to upcycle a leather jacket into a purse. This tutorial may inspire me to finally do it.

It’s finally warm enough to start taking the dog on long walks again. This poop bag dispenser is definitely a necessity.

The change in season always makes me want to swap out purses. I love this freebie from Emmaline Bags.

Last week I shared pouches made from candy bags, how about key fobs made from the same “material” this week?

Sleep sacks make great last minute shower gifts!

Stripes & Camo 2.0

My quest to make another stripes and camo boutique knockoff didn’t go as well as my first attempt. This time I was aiming for a tri-colored top (second from the left) – using remnants from other projects that I had recently made and (once again) the Valencia Top pattern. Before I delve into my issues, here is the finished product:

While the finished result is cute, it’s not quite what I wanted, largely because I just didn’t have enough stripe to make this work. The lack of material forced me to cut my fabric a bit wonky which led to the stripes being off slightly – something that I probably never would have thought about if I bought it in the store like this, but it’s noticeable to me and might drive me mad (it is also on the front of the shirt and if you look closely, you’ll see it). My fabric shortage also meant that I had to use a banded version of this top as well… plus I cut the fabric wrong (I cut on the “shorten” line instead of the bodice line) which made the top even shorter!

My other complaint is that the fabrics are all slightly different material styles and weights, which makes the top feel odd when worn. I think that it hangs fine, but the black is definitely thicker so wears much differently than the rest.

Overall, not a bad effort considering I worked with scraps, but it’s not quite the top I had envisioned. Now it’s time to put this pattern away and work on something else!

Stripes & Camo

Last week I had mentioned that I was inspired to make some shirts that I had seen in a boutique. They were a cute mash up of stripes and camouflage… and I decided that I needed several. Here’s my version:

I used the camo that I had left over from my Union Street Tee , a stripe modal that I had snagged from So Sew English, and the Valencia. The only modification that I made to this one was adding the banding along the sleeve. To do this, I cut a strip the same length as the bottom edge of the sleeve and 4 3/4″ wide (that way when it’s folded over and sewn, the band width is 2″).

Once again the fit on this is perfect… and I love the feel of the modal jersey on this one!

Love Camo?

My local boutique has been posting lots of new items in their store. A lot of them? Camo. While I think that one camo shirt in my closet is probably enough… a shirt (or two) with some camo accents are perfectly acceptable to add to my wardrobe!

Camouflage Inspiration

So the above picture are some samplings of the camo\accent shirts they have in their store… and if I have enough fabric, I may just make them all! I’m starting with the stripe tee on the left. I ordered a black stripe modal fabric from So Sew English and plan on using it with the Valencia (because the pattern is out and ready to go, so why not) with a few modifications. If I have enough material left over, I may just move on to the top next to it, too! I love that color blocking!

Linky Thursday

These cute little backpacks look easy to make and come in a variety of styles (you can find the tutorial for the pattern here).. There’s even a bunny that’s perfect for Easter.

Know a new seamstress that is searching for a project (or just need something easy to sew for yourself)? This Beginner Friendly Tote bag is a great place to start.

While it seems like summer will never arrive, hot temps will soon be here. Get beach\pool ready by sewing yourself up a pair of board shorts.

Keep the dust off your machine AND stay organized at the same time with this easy machine cover and mat.

There’s still plenty of time to decorate for Easter – which means you can whip up this adorable Bunny Mini Quilt!

With warmer weather (almost?) here, that means the kids will be spending a lot more time outside. These ouch pouches are great to mend boo-boos and are ready to take on the go!

Forget those Capri Sun totes, the new trend is Candy Wrapper Pouches!

DIY Fluffies is one of my favorite plush pattern companies. Enter to win 3 of their patterns and find out why I love them so much!

Coordinate your room with matching flower pots made with your favorite fabrics.

Bean bags make the perfect chair for reading, gaming, or just relaxing. Learn how to make your own here.

Valencia 2.0

After my first success with the Valencia, I decided to forge ahead and make a second top (the one that inspired me to get the pattern in the first place).

New Horizon’s Valencia Top – draped back version

This time around I made the crossover back top with short sleeves in So Sew English’s Black Ombre Modal Spandex. Like the color block tee, the crossover back was easy to put together and came together nicely…. however, I wasn’t a fan of some of the finishing techniques used – namely how the back was attached to the front and the side seams (the front band is completed already when you sew the sides…. nothing is really wrong with them, I just prefer a cleaner finish.

As for the fit, it seems a bit less fitted than the previous version – I am sure this is because of the draped back. I believe I could have gone down one size and I may have liked the look a bit better. I should also note that I did not add the strap across the back because I think it looks better without it and seems to stay up fine on it’s own. I don’t think this changed the fit any either. My only other complaint is that it is a bit longer than what I had expected – I think I would have liked the length better if it didn’t have the bottom band (something to play around with in future tops).

Overall, I love the overall look of this top and can’t wait to wear it. I had planned putting this on for for a girl’s night out this past weekend, but of course the weather didn’t cooperate (it was darn cold again) so I had to opt for something warmer.

Valencia Version 1

While I was waiting for my fabric to arrive, I decided to go ahead and test out New Horizon’s Valencia Top. There were a lot of different options for this shirt, but settled on a color blocked, short sleeved top with a curved hem. Since most of my (accessible) stash is pretty limited at the moment, I decided to use the same pink double brushed poly print that I used for the Discoverer Tee and Loggers, as well as a brushed gray cotton knit (that I am pretty sure I got from GorgeousFabrics several years ago).

Sewing this one up was great – the instructions were easy to follow and the pieces came together perfectly. If I had to complain about anything it’s that the curved hem is so deep (1″) that it makes it difficult to press up, but honestly it wasn’t hard, it’s just that I couldn’t use Ezy Hem tool (if you don’t own one, you need to try it… it’s life changing!).

As for the fit, I like it! It’s not body-hugging, but it’s not quite relaxed either (relaxed is in the description of this pattern)… it’s somewhere in between. Plus I really like this color block option – there’s so many possibilities! With that said, I see a lot more of the Valencia in my future!