Last One

This will be the LAST time I blog about the Logger pattern…. I promise! Since Taylor decided that she wanted to keep the last version I made for herself, I decided to make a second pair. This time I wanted a slightly heavier weight material, so I opted for a camo French terry from Knitpop (I did buy the last 2 yards of this material, but noticed that SoSewEnglish had pretty similar material on their site).

This particular fabric had great stretch in one direction (with a pretty limited stretch in the other) – so I opted not to shorten the pattern just in case it hiked up while wearing it. After wearing them around for a day, I’ve found that they actually have enough lengthwise stretch so that they feel comfortable and don’t really hike up that much while wearing them.

As for the waistband\cuffs, I used a remnant cottony-rayon type blend because it matched well…. unfortunately, I’ve found that this material doesn’t wear as well as a beefier cotton. Mostly because the material makes for a looser fit so I feel like I need to pull them up occasionally. I think I could have fixed this if I would have added the drawstring.

Overall, this is a winner. I’m loving the camo and they’re extremely comfortable to wear!