Loggers Shorties

With warm weather finally here, I decided that I needed a pair of shorts from the Pattern for Pirate’s Logger (you can see my previous version here). So I grabbed my pretty double brushed poly and gray cotton knit that I used for the Discoverer Tee and set to work.

Let me start off by saying that I had some concerns when I cut out the pattern – it just looked tiny… but I went ahead because it really didn’t take much material to sew these up, so I figured I had nothing to lose. And when I was done? Well, I wasn’t wrong, they’re tiny. They also hit me in an unflattering place and consequently make my thighs look even bigger. Consequently, these will become sleep shorts (as a side note, these may be the most comfortable pair of sleep shorts I own so I’m not complaining too much about that!).

While sewing these up was very easy, the end result was somewhat disappointing since I can’t wear them out of the house. They are cute, but I’m pretty sure that I have underwear with a similar coverage!