Hot off the sewing machine… Loggers! It’s as if leggings and joggers had a baby to make this fun little mash up.

My first project of the week is Pattern’s for Pirate’s latest design, the Loggers. I really went round and round as to what size to cut out on this one because I have found that with this particular company, even though I measure one size, the next size up looks and feels a bit better. So, after much debate, I decided to split the difference and cut in between two sizes (although, honestly, there was very little difference in between most areas so I’m not sure it changed the fit much).

I never could find a material in stores that I wanted to sew this project with (either they didn’t have the right “feel” or didn’t have enough\right kind of stretch), so I went with the gray cotton that I had used with the Discoverer Tee and a black cotton for the contrast.

As for construction I went with the low rise pant with pockets, small waistband, and omitted the drawstring. Everything went together well and didn’t have any issues while sewing. So aside from this being a knit project, this would be a great pattern for beginners. And the fit? Not bad! I probably could have gone with the smaller size in this pattern, because it feels “loose.” Some of that feeling may be due to the fact that the fabric is pretty thin and just doesn’t “wear” like a legging material.

Would I make this again? You bet! In fact, I decided that a beefier material might make for a better pant so I went ahead and ordered a heathered camo french terry from Knitpop. In the mean time, I think I’ll try the shorts.