Linky Thursday

This Mini Bushel Picnic Basket Liner is perfect for outdoor eating, but would also make an adorable housewarming gift too!

I’ve been seeing lots of ruffled shoulder\sleeves in ready to wear clothing this spring. If you’re interesting in trying out this look yourself, be sure to check out It’s Always Autumn’s latest tutorial.

I love everything about these little round potholders, right down to the fabrics.

Apparently, I’m on a pincushion kick because so many projects keep catching my eye – like these fabulous little birdies.

When I took my class last week, I used a handy bag to stash all the notions I needed for the day – I won’t say they’re a “must” but they sure are handy! Need one for yourself? Here’s a great pattern to make one!

Have you been shying away from making underwear because you’re not sure where to start? This is a great walkthrough on making your own custom boxer briefs (FYI – this tutorial does use a purchased pattern, but while you’re there you can pick up the Arrowsmith Undershirt for free!)

These peek-a-boo toy bags are great for organizing play spaces, but would be perfect for larger work-in-progress projects too!

Baby It’s (Still) Cold Outside! So make yourself a wrap cardigan, with pockets!

Don’t forget your pets. This squeeky dog toy pattern is simple to make (and all the instructions are on the template).

I love this Oslo Craft Bag pattern, I think it would work great as a gift for gardeners too.

Pencil cases are easy to sew, fun to carry, and a great way to use up scrap fabrics.

Other than strip quilts, I’m never quite sure how to use those fabric rolls…. but now I want to make an Easter Basket.