On Friday, I took an embroidery class from my local Bernina dealer. Even though I have been working with embroidery for quite some time, this machine is new to me so it gave me the opportunity to see how this one operated.

Bernina 590

And all I can say is, I LOVE this machine!

For starters, the bobbin is HUGE. This was the first time I had wound the jumbo spool since I picked up this machine and it took forever to load – I think I am safe saying that I won’t be running out for quite some time. I also liked that I didn’t have to cut any of the jump threads on the top of my work!

I also played with the Pinpoint Placement feature… I totally could have used this several months ago when I was working on a project with a tricky border design! Basically this features helps you line up your embroidery exactly where you want it on your project – so even if you haven’t lined up your project precisely on the hoop, you are able to place your design exactly where you need it.

Now I am VERY excited to start a new embroidery project – I have to put all this new features to good use!