Metallica Refashion

Last night Bret and I went to see Metallica. It’s been ages (we determined it was 1996) so to make this night even more special, I decided I needed a new shirt. But concert tees can be so “ordinary” so I decided to reconstruct this one as well (my other most recent makeover was this Ghost Sweetheart Tee).

I originally thought I would do a tutorial for this, but honestly, I just wound up “winging it” – basically, I kept the neckband intact and cut a ‘V’ into the shirt (how large and how deep is completely up to you, but I found this depth to be perfect and didn’t show my bra). Then I added a grommet tape over the cut area (so that the raw edges of the shirt are just behind the grommets) and sewed it in place. For those that are interested, I found this in the trim section of Joann’s and is made by Cynthia Rowley (I would have preferred a silver, but my store only had gold in stock). I used a few yards of cotton cording to lace it up (also in the trim section of Joann’s) and capped it with gold metal aglets that I picked up at SoSewEnglish. In the end I wound up taking in the neckband some so that it looked a bit more like a choker – it looked a bit saggy otherwise.

I didn’t remember to get a shot of me wearing it until after we arrived at the show… so here’s the best “action shot” I could get! By the way, the concert was fantastic – I even got to be in the front row for a time!