I’ve been on a roll of projects turning out well – even new ones. I broke that streak this week.

While this top looks really cute on the dressform, it’s fit is disappointing. After great success with Ellie & Mac’s Lucky Girl pattern, I though I would snag the Discoverer Tee as well. Unfortunately, the fit is not the same.

What attracted me to this pattern is the fun, color blocking at the yoke. Unfortunately this is the area that the fit is the worst – the upper bust and sleeve area is way too tight. Not only does it look unflattering (think an overstuffed sausage casing), but it’s darn uncomfortable as well. Looking back on the model photos, I see some of the same issues – tighter busts and underarms, but I suspect that they don’t look as tight as mine on because the fabric they chose probably has a lot more stretch than mine (I opted to use a cotton knit, which had plenty of stretch, but probably not the same “comfort” level as a double brushed poly, etc.).

I’m giving this one to Taylor to try on, but I’m guessing she will have a similar issue (her arms are smaller, but her upper bust is similar). If not, it’s going into the donation pile in hopes that someone can wear it!