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Linky Thursday (On Friday)

Somehow Thursday got the best of me and I was never able to post Linky Thursday yesterday. The week wouldn’t be complete without all the inspiration and projects that come with this post, so, without further ado, I present a belated Linky Thursday:

This apron is proof that flannel doesn’t always have to be used for shirts.

Have an oversized shirt in your closet that needs some love? Transform it into a new look with this t-shirt upcycle. Then use the scraps to help make this t-shirt yarn bowl.

Put your Cricut to your sewing advantage – use it to cut out the materials needed for this cute, fabric scrunchies.

This sweet table runner is designed for Easter decorating.

Never lose your kitchen towel again when you make this easy hanging towel project.

Why spend a fortune on store bought leggings when you can easily make your own?

Put those scraps you’ve been saving to good use by making this pretty tote bag. While you’re visiting the site, be sure to enter to win a Kisses Quilt Kit, valued at $120!

Keep your phone handy when you don’t have pockets or a purse when yu stitch up this phone armband.

While it’s not a project, I thought this article on the Top 10 Mistakes That Can Make Your Project Look Unprofessional was a great reminder of what not to do.

Spring break is right around the corner and if your plans include a trip, you’ll definitely want to check out this cute fish backpack. It’s such a fun way to have your little one carry their own “essentials”.

Kimonos are still on trend. Make your own in no time with this easy tutorial.

Metallica Refashion

Last night Bret and I went to see Metallica. It’s been ages (we determined it was 1996) so to make this night even more special, I decided I needed a new shirt. But concert tees can be so “ordinary” so I decided to reconstruct this one as well (my other most recent makeover was this Ghost Sweetheart Tee).

I originally thought I would do a tutorial for this, but honestly, I just wound up “winging it” – basically, I kept the neckband intact and cut a ‘V’ into the shirt (how large and how deep is completely up to you, but I found this depth to be perfect and didn’t show my bra). Then I added a grommet tape over the cut area (so that the raw edges of the shirt are just behind the grommets) and sewed it in place. For those that are interested, I found this in the trim section of Joann’s and is made by Cynthia Rowley (I would have preferred a silver, but my store only had gold in stock). I used a few yards of cotton cording to lace it up (also in the trim section of Joann’s) and capped it with gold metal aglets that I picked up at SoSewEnglish. In the end I wound up taking in the neckband some so that it looked a bit more like a choker – it looked a bit saggy otherwise.

I didn’t remember to get a shot of me wearing it until after we arrived at the show… so here’s the best “action shot” I could get! By the way, the concert was fantastic – I even got to be in the front row for a time!


Today is March 5, which means it’s the start of Sew New’s Estes Sew Along!

I haven’t done a sew along in AGES, so I thought it might be fun to give this one a whirl. I’m totally digging the cowl neck on this dress, but am toying with the idea of making this…. sleeveless (and just a hair shorter since it is supposed to fall below the knee and that just doesn’t work well with my height). I am hoping by taking off the sleeves that spring will finally arrive and I’ll have a fun transitional piece to wear.

I have my pattern printed off, but am still in search for a fabric that I might want to use. Anyone else participating with me?


I’ve been on a roll of projects turning out well – even new ones. I broke that streak this week.

While this top looks really cute on the dressform, it’s fit is disappointing. After great success with Ellie & Mac’s Lucky Girl pattern, I though I would snag the Discoverer Tee as well. Unfortunately, the fit is not the same.

What attracted me to this pattern is the fun, color blocking at the yoke. Unfortunately this is the area that the fit is the worst – the upper bust and sleeve area is way too tight. Not only does it look unflattering (think an overstuffed sausage casing), but it’s darn uncomfortable as well. Looking back on the model photos, I see some of the same issues – tighter busts and underarms, but I suspect that they don’t look as tight as mine on because the fabric they chose probably has a lot more stretch than mine (I opted to use a cotton knit, which had plenty of stretch, but probably not the same “comfort” level as a double brushed poly, etc.).

I’m giving this one to Taylor to try on, but I’m guessing she will have a similar issue (her arms are smaller, but her upper bust is similar). If not, it’s going into the donation pile in hopes that someone can wear it!